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Pricing and Guidelines

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Brothers. Oil Painting by Gary Brunson

Oil on Canvas
20″ x 24″

Painting of John Brunson by Gary Brunson for art gallery

John Brunson
Oil on canvas
14″ x 11″

Painting of  Karin DeChristopher by Gary Brunson for art gallery

Oil on canvas
14″ x 11″

Painting of Flapper in Fur and Pearls by Gary Brunson for art gallery

Flapper in Fur and Pearls
Oil on canvas
18″ x 14″

Painting of Gwen Sense by Gary Brunson for art gallery

Gwen Sense
Oil on canvas
20″ x 16″

Painting of Red Dancer by Gary Brunson for art gallery

Red Dancer
Oil on canvas
30″ x 24″




Charcaol drawing of Walter Brunson by Gary Brunson.

Charcoal on paper
15″ x 12″

Charcoal drawing of The wading Pool by Gary Brunson

The Wading Pool
Charcoal on paper
15″ x 21″

Painting of Janice Pennington by Gary Brunson

Janice Pennington
Oil on canvas
34″ x 18″








Pencil Drawing of Mandolin and Sax by Gary Brunson

Mandolin and Sax
Pencil on newsprint
9″ x 7″

Poem "Because" calligraphy on parchment by Gary Brunson

Because of You
Calligraphy on Parchment
12″ x 9″




Calligraphy of Poem "Today." by Gary Brunson

Today May Be the Day
Calligraphy on Parchment
12″ x 9″



Book cover by Gary Brunson

A Book Cover Assignment

Book cover for Higher Heights by Gary Brunson

Another Book Cover

Painting of Falling by Gary Brunson

(Preliminary underpainting)
Oil on canvas
28″ x 20″


Commission a Painting or Drawing

Do you have any personal snapshots, old damaged photos, book or magazine pictures, or just a rough sketch of an idea that you think would serve as the basis for a great work of art?

Send me digital or hard copies of your pictures and wishes. Let me combine them with my artistic sensibilities, skills, and personal style to create an original oil painting or charcoal drawing that you will be proud to display and pass down through generations to come.


Oil Painting Prices

The following price list shows only the most common canvas dimensions; other sizes are available.

You may apply your 5% to 20% discounts to all commissioned artwork prices.


Oil Painting Pricing

All Prices Include Shipping

Choose the Right Size Canvas

Paintings should not be too small for their subjects, or else the details and overall visual impact of the artwork will suffer.

The painted image of a person, animal, or still life should be at least 1/3 of its real-world counterpart’s height or length.  1/2 to 3/4 life size is even better, with full size being best.

I’ll paint any size painting you wish, but here are some examples of the minimum sizes you should consider:

  • A painting of a glass of wine amid some grapes and a rose would look nice on an 11″ x 14″ canvas.  But…
  • A two-person portrait, faces and shoulders only, would need no less than a 16″ x 20″ canvas to look right and not belittle the subjects.
  • A single 3/4-length portrait with hands showing should be at least 20″ x 24″.
  • Full-length figures, standing or reclining, need to be on a 24″ x 36″ canvas at the very minimum.
  • A painting of a horse, head to hoof needs to be on a canvas size befitting the animal’s magnificent stature, no less than 36 inches tall.  A head-and- neck-only can be painted a bit smaller.
  • Landscapes, cityscapes, and seascapes require a minimum width of at least 36″ to 48″, so as not to constrain their vistas and detract from their grandeur.


Other Artwork Pricing

Patron discounts apply on the purchase any of these types of artwork too. 


Charcoal Drawings

Commissioned charcoal drawings are half (50%) the price of equivalently sized and detailed oil paintings. Maximum paper size is 24 x 36 inches.

Fine Art Reproductions

If your wish is to have me faithfully recreate an existing painting by another artist (non-copyrighted and in the public domain), the commissioned artwork will be priced as if it were an original work of art with all details and subjects considered.

Limited-Edition Prints

Prices for my hand-signed fine-art prints may be found by clicking on thumbnails above that indicate “Prints Available.”


Be a Character in Graphic Novel

If you are seeking a thematic idea for your artwork that is out of the ordinary, why not let me to draw or paint you and/or family members as characters and in settings I may use in one of my graphic novels?

How fun would it be to see yourself, family and friends as background or supporting characters in my online stories, along with your names in the cast list, which, if clicked, will take the reader directly to your images in the story?

  • Regular commissioned artwork pricing and discounts will apply.
  • You will own and keep the original full size oil painting, charcoal drawing, or digital-art print for personal display, but cannot reproduce it in any fashion.
  • I will retain the copyright.
  • If I later choose to offer prints of the artwork that includes your likeness(es), I’ll pay a one-time “model fee” of $1,000 to you and each other person whose likeness I use, and you will still maintain possession of the original artwork.


Ordering, Execution and Delivery

I paint on high-quality stretched canvas using traditional methods and materials, incorporating my own refined glazing technique that can be described as “sculpting with Light” and “3D illusionism.”

My meticulous procedure requires many frequent timeouts to let paint layers dry between sessions and is not conducive to painting from life.  


  • I like to work from good quality your own personal “snapshots” or photos that provide several authentic points of view of the each subject.
  • The photos should give me an understanding of the subjects’ personalities and natural appearances from different angles, so that I can create a truly original “artistic” rendering of them, not just a copy of a photograph.
  • However, if you do have but one particular photo that you would like me to use as the sole or main reference material, that’s fine. Just let me know how much or little liberty I have with creating the atmosphere and mood of my interpretation.
  • A closeup of each subject’s eyes is essential for me to ascertain their eye, skin, and hair colors.
  • If you have a special background setting or any personal items you would like me to incorporate in the painting, provide me with pictures of those as well.
  • The more reference photos, the better.
  • Once you’ve sent me all your reference pictures and I have a thorough understanding of your desires, and we’ve agreed on a size and price, I will email or send you a short agreement to sign.

50% Payable with Agreement.

Balance Due upon 100% Satisfaction.

  • When you sign and send back the agreement with a 50% down payment, I’ll get to work on your project.
  • During the rest of the creative process, I will provide you with digital photos along the way to make sure you are happy with the progress.
  • Only when you are completely pleased with the finished artwork will I expect you to send me the remaining 50% balance due.
  • After I receive total payment, I will apply the final varnish or fixative to your artwork and, when it’s completely dry, deliver it to you to enjoy for many years to come.


Care and Framing of Artwork

  • I create all my original paintings and drawings with materials and techniques proven to keep their like-new appearance for generations with adherence to appropriate display and handling considerations.
  • My limited-edition prints are produced using the highest quality archival pigment inks on museum-quality archival paper or canvas, tested to maintain their permanence and light-fastness for over 200 years with proper care.
  • I deliver the completed artwork to you unframed to avoid charging you the added costs of labor, time, protective packaging, and increased shipping weight.
  • Framing of the artwork should be done only by experienced professionals using archival materials and craftsmanship.


Certified Proof of Authenticity

Each piece of my original, commissioned, and limited-edition artwork is hand-signed and numbered by me, and is accompanied by a unique Certificate of Authenticity, which I and my successors will maintain a corroborating duplicate of, in the event that authenticity and ownership of piece should ever need confirmation.


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