Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

I have two graphic novels on the drawing board. I plan to release them episodically by chapters here online, alternating between the two stories as I finish each chapter.

Both novels will be free to read by anyone visiting my website.

Bay View 422

An action-packed psychological thriller based on a short story of mine first published in the Cerritos Literary Journal about a despondent artist who tries, with paint brush and canvas, to recreate the happy world of his youth and lost love.

But he begins to question his own sanity and reality itself when his paintings seemingly start altering the world beyond the walls of his cluttered studio.

Cul-de-sac Cavaliers

A romping escapade of derring-do based on my spec screenplay about an aging star of stage and screen, long past his swashbuckling prime, who, with colorful tales of his time in the spotlight, inspires a shy teenage piano prodigy to don the dynamic and courageous personas of the old actor’s many heroic film and stage characters in his quest to win the heart of a beautiful gymnast dancer.

The old actor’s stories, theatrical coaching, and make-up skills also bolster the youth’s fictional alter-egos’ resolve to rid the world of all bullies, criminals, and lowlifes who run afoul of boy and his eccentric tutor’s code of ethics and chivalry.


Would You like to be a Character in One of the Stories?

Consider commissioning me to draw or paint you and family members as characters and in settings that I may use in my graphic novels?

How fun would it be to see yourself, family and friends as background or supporting characters in my online stories, along with your names in the cast list, which, if clicked, will take the reader directly to your images in the story?

Regular commissioned artwork pricing will apply, and you will own and keep the original full size oil painting, charcoal drawing, or digital-art print for personal display in your home or office.

I will retain the copyright and all reproduction rights.  And if I later choose to offer prints of the artwork that includes your likeness(es), I’ll pay a one-time “model fee” of $1,000 to you and each other person whose likeness I use, and you will still maintain possession of the original artwork.

For more info, go to my Gallery.


A True One-Man Show

Unlike many graphic novels, where the author or publisher hires different artists to draw, color, and ink his concepts, I’m writing the stories and creating all of the illustrations myself.

The cover art for each graphic novel should be completed soon, with the first chapters following as quickly as I can produce them. How fast I’m able move along depends on what kind of response I get from fans like you.

Please check out my Patron Rewards page to see ways you can support my endeavors and help speed things along.

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