Cul-de-sac Cavaliers

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A seriocomic coming-of-age story full of chivalry, derring-do, and panache!

Soar back and forth through time in a ballet of swords and moonbeams with the Cul-de-sac Cavaliers.

When Willy Conroy, a precocious but shy teenage piano virtuoso, moves next door to aging star of stage and screen, Brandon MacFarland, the old actor, with exciting tales of his glory days, awakens in timid Willy the indomitable spirits of many valiant, dashing, and swashbuckling characters MacFarland had once played, such as Cyrano de Bergerac and the renegade pirate, Captain Royale.

Imbued at any given moment with his indomitable alter egos’ uncommon gallantry, verve, wit, courage, and flair, Willy vies with high school bullies to gain the favor of an exquisite gymnastic dancer named Starlene.

And utilizing the old thespian’s ongoing tutelage in the stage arts of acting, makeup, and swordplay, Willy also wages war on the seedy criminal and dangerous sociopaths that sully his otherwise ideal world.

Based on my Screenplay

Page one of my copyrighted screenplay "Cul-de-sac Cavaliers" for graphic novelsFADE IN: EXT. SANTA MONICA PIER - NIGHT  SUMMER, 1968. Groups of rowdy U.S. NAVY SERVICEMEN on shore leave roam among fun-loving CIVILIANS enjoying the noisy rides, arcades, and souvenir booths of the wharf's crowded amusement area.     The rest of the pier extending out over the ocean is ribboned off and guarded for a black-tie dinner party, where a DANCE BAND entertains HUNDREDS OF GUESTS.  A banner reads... Santa Monica Welcomes BRANDON MACFARLAND and KATHERINE O'SHEA  Cast & Crew  of THE QUEEN'S PRIVATEER THUNDEROUS BOOMS attract startled attention over south-facing railings as floodlights reveal a 17th-Century English PIRATE SHIP anchored just offshore, firing its cannons at the beach.    A battery of SPANISH TROOPS fires back from land as a small spotlit boat, heroically rowed by the valiant PIRATE CAPTAIN, cuts through the waves to bring a rescued MAIDEN to his ship.    Once safely hoisted aboard, the girl kisses her captain as his MOTLEY CREW cheers.  The audience on the pier applauds as the floods dim, leaving the ship aglow with onboard lanterns. Down on the sand, north-side of the pier, dashing BRANDON MACFARLAND, mid 30's, escorts beautiful KATHERINE O'SHEA, mid-20's, out from the shadows between pier pilings.   Katherine holds the hem of her slinky gown and carries her high-heel shoes as she and MacFarland, impeccably dressed in classic dinner attire, climb stairs back toward their party. MACFARLAND (hints of an Irish accent) Thank you so very much, Katherine.  You succeeded in getting my pants thoroughly soaked and my shoes full of sand. KATHERINE You should have taken them off. MACFARLAND My shoes?  Or my pants? She smiles affectionately.  He leans against the top railing to empty the sand from his patent leather loafers, little knowing that one day far in the future he would be come one of the Cul-de-sac Cavaliers.

Page one of my copyrighted screenplay “Cul-de-sac Cavaliers”

Page 1 of my screenplay “Cul-de-sac Cavaliers” is shown above just a placeholder for where the cover art will go as soon as it is ready. Please stay tuned.

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