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Gary Brunson

Visual and Performing Artist

Photo of Susie Zaguirra and Gary Brunson on stage in "South Pacific," for Gary Brunson Bio

On stage as Lt. Joe Cable in “South Pacific,” one of my earliest leading roles.

Pencil Drawing of Mandolin and Sax by Gary Brunson for Gary Brunson Bio

One of my first drawings

I’ve been drawing, painting, acting and singing for as long as I can remember.

While still in grade school, I painted my own backdrops and staged small plays and musicals in my garage to entertain the neighborhood.

After high school, I juggled all my artistic talents in a mash-up professional life as an oil painter, theatrical scenic designer, and performer.

Drawing and Painting

The Wading Pool by Gary Brunson (detail) for Gary Brunson Bio

Detail section of
The Wading Pool
Charcoal on Paper

Painting of Flapper in Fur and Pearls by Gary Brunson for Gary Brunson Bio

Flapper in Fur and Pearls
 Oil on Canvas

I draw and paint a wide variety of subjects. But my most personally satisfying artwork involves attempts to idealize the human form or capture the unique character of an individual face.

Self-taught, I studied the techniques of the masters, old and new, and over the years developed my own style of stipple-brush glazing, which produces thin jewel-like layers of transparent colors that glow vibrantly under bright illumination.

From Musical Theatre to Film School

Gary Brunson as Sir Harry in "Once Upon a Mattress." for Gary Brunson Bio

As the comic knight Sir Harry in “Once Upon a Mattress”

Possessing a rather strong baritone voice, I’ve enjoyed varying degrees of the limelight as an actor and singer, playing many leading roles in over thirty-five stage productions.

Aspirations toward creative writing finally led me to UCLA Film School, where I focused on screenwriting and motion picture production under many renowned instructors and Hollywood notables, including Lew Hunter, Richard Walter, Hal Ackerman, Peter Guber, Vin Di Bona, and George Jenkins.

Writing, Art Direction, Book Covers, and More

Book cover for A Sparrow Has Wings by Gary Brunson for Gary Brunson Bio

A Book Cover Assignment

Since graduating from UCLA Film School, I’ve written several spec screenplays, adapted another author’s novel for the screen, co-wrote a prize-winning documentary narrated by Dylan McDermott, and published some short fiction and poems.

I’ve worked on art and story concepts for an independent production company, served as a production accountant on many movies and miniseries, continued painting, illustrated some book covers, and tinkered at writing a musical – but decided to put that project on hold until my next lifetime.

Graphic Novels

Recently, I added digital painting to my skill set. I’ll be relying heavily on this time-saving technique to transform some of my screenplays and short stories into illustrated novels. They will be published episodically in chapters here online, free to read, and then printed in collectible art-book volumes.

My wish is that you and so many others will keep up with my serial tales that Hollywood will take notice, and my characters and stories might someday make the giant leap up onto the silver screen to assume larger-than-life roles in the cinematic cosmos.

My Number-One Fan

Picture of Gary and Marina

With Marina, my wife, muse, and foremost fan

I’m encouraged in my creative pursuits and in everything I do by my incomparable wife, Marina.

She is my grounding force, my ethereal inspiration, and the main reason you’ll find me working out at the gym three nights a week.

With her and our family’s enthusiastic support, wonderful suggestions, and love motivating me to be the best that I can, my work rises above the ordinary and nearer to the realms of truly “fine art.”

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  1. I couldn’t find your paintings. I’m not too good finding things on line. If you could tell me how…

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