Patron Roster

Patron Roster

My sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to each and everyone of you who have given me your support and encouragement over the years.

Thanks a million.



 Janice Yvonne Hecht – Phoenix, AZ – Half Moon Enterprises



Bob & Christine Boling – Azusa, CA
Rick, Rhonda & Risa Clave – Corona, CA
Griff & Jan Duncan – Fullerton, CA
Randy & Marilyn Moore Gianetti – Fullerton, CA
Vlad & Tatiana Murnikov – Groton, MA – Speed Dream
Greg & Irene Pinsky, Thousand Oaks, CA
Gerald & Ludmila Schwartz – Tarzana, CA
Igor & Galina Sorokins – Marina del Rey, CA
Irene Varshavsky – Thousand Oaks, CA
Jacob & Ella Volodarsky – Cerritos, CA



Sandy Bradley – San Pedro, CA
Ron & Chris Kern Dotson
Michael Eselun – Los Angeles, CA
Karen Romberg Eury – Huntington Beach, CA
Neal Gallaway – Anaheim Hills, CA
Jenny Giocomo – Crest Hill, IL
John W. Gibson – Carrollton, TX
Matt Goulet – Los Angeles, CA
Abby Feikema Hansen – Westminster, CA
Erik Johnson – Little Rock, AR
Richard Kinsey – Long Beach, CA
Jeff & Kris Kroeze Letterman – Clinton, WA
Andre Kurlovs – Salt Lake City, UT
Bob & Patti Diamond Lauder – Las Vegas, NV – Divas on a Dime
Joe Matarazzo – Downey, CA
Robert May – Costa Mesa, CA
Kathleen Melcher – Los Alamitos, CA
Donna Meade Parsons – Fullerton, CA
Felix & Ilona Rabinovich – Los Angeles, CA
Cliff, Jenny, & Kathryn Senior – Fullerton, CA
Paul Sharaba – Buena Park, CA
Kammie Stuart – San Clemente, CA
Richard & Leanna Nelson Tarczynski – Valencia, CA
Leslie Tinnaro – Long Beach, CA
Krisianna Trager – Encino, CA
Spyros Vicatos – Los Angeles, CA



Casey Daly – Mill Valley, CA
Lauren Dillard – San Francisco, CA
Judy Ellisradsick – Cypress, CA
Joel R. Harris – Venice Beach, CA – Joel Harris Studio
Sue Jansen – Lakeport, CA
Latonya Jones – Beaumont, TX
Marla Ladd – Orange, CA
Mary Lamb – Los Angeles, CA
Lawrence Lemley – Baltimore, MD
Dale & Mary Jane Marshall – Germantown, MD
Kameron McHugh – San Jose, CA
JoAnna Scott – Huntingto Beach, CA
Rhonda St. John Rocha – Signal Hill, CA
Jenn P Thomas – Anaheim, CA
Jim Trebilcox – Anaheim, CA
Diane King Vann – Trabuco Canyon, CA



First, foremost, and forever.

Marina Brunson
John and Evelyn Brunson
David Elkin
Brian, Katya and Blake Stromblad
Mark Brunson
Walter and Millie Brunson
Marion and Reinhold Stahl
Jacob and Berta Krupatkin
Patricia Brunson and everyone on that extended side of the family
Jim, Lora, Katie, Julie, and Ellie Martorano
Jack & Sue O’Neill, and all their kin
Tim and Ashley Grant & family
Marjorie Brunson and everyone down that branch of the tree
Harry, Corrine, Corry, and Paula Kingsbury
Kip and Michelle Robbins
Chet, Nikki and Sharon Brunson & family
Dick and Ida Hansen
Bill and Deanna Hansen & Family
Randy Hansen and family
Gene, Ersula and Brian Lay
Brent Lay & family
Hewing Brunson and family

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Patron Roster — 2 Comments

    • I thought long and hard about a donate button, but ultimately decided against accepting PayPal and credit card payments, mainly because of the high bank processing fees.

      If you really would like to make a “donation,” I’d prefer that you buy gift certificates for any amount you like or an inexpensive hand-signed print of my calligraphy poem “Today” (only $10 at the moment) and give them as presents to your family and friends.

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