Patron Rewards

Patron Rewards

Patron Levels and Associated Discounts

Patron Levels and Associated Discounts*

Join my Patron Roster – No Purchase Required

You never have to buy a thing from me to be acknowledged as a patron and receive news regarding what’s happening with me and the website.

Just Let Me Know You’re There

Simply leave me a comment on any of my website pages or send me a note through my Contact Form to show me you’re interested in what I’m doing.

  • I will immediately list you and/or your company on my Patron Roster as a Subscriber – unless you expressly wish to remain anonymous.
  • I’ll personally keep you updated about new things here on my site.
  • If you have a website, I’ll be happy to list a link to it at no charge.
  • I’ll also extend a 5% discount on any initial purchase(s) you may choose to make in the future.

How to Earn Greater Discounts & Rewards

Each purchase you do make will help you reach higher Patron Levels, with your name appearing alphabetically within each achieved level.

Special Reward for Champions

Anyone reaching the Champion level of patronage will also be listed prominently in the sidebars of my site, with more-benevolent Champions rising higher on the list.

1. Buy Limited-Edition Prints

  • Collecting hand-signed prints of mine will increase your patronage level while granting me the most time possible to work on my graphic novels.
  • The selection of prints might be small in the beginning, but will grow as my illustrated stories progress.

2. Commission a Painting or Drawing

  • I’d be honored to create a one-of-a-kind work of art just for you.
  • Your patron discount applies to commissioned artwork, as well as to prints.
  • You can even be a character in one of my graphic novels.

3. Give Gift Certificates

Buying gift certificates to give as presents to friends and family will also increase your own patronage level.

  • You may purchase gift certificates at your current discount level to be redeemed at face value by their recipients.
  • When redeemed, the face value of a gift certificate will be deducted from the full, undiscounted purchase price of an artwork, and the redeemer’s own patron discount will be applied only to the remaining balance.
  • Only that portion of a purchase price that exceeds a gift certificate’s face value will contribute to increasing the redeemer’s patron level.


Become a Patron

Please, leave me a comment right now.

Join my “Fun in Fine Arts.”


*Note: Patrons may claim their discounts only on the purchase of original, commissioned and limited-edition artwork or gift certificates offered for direct sale by me here on my site. Discounts cannot be taken on artwork that I might occasionally auction to the highest bidder or that one patron may offer for resale to other patrons.

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