Live Stage Recordings


Live Stage Recordings – Fullerton Civic Light Opera – 1978

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Program Cover for "Brigadoon"starring Gary Brunson for live stage recordings

“Brigadoon” Program Cover. Fullerton Civic Light Opera.

1. There But For You Go I

2. The Heather On The Hill

3. Almost Like Being In Love

4. From This Day On 

These excerpts are from a complete live performance recorded May 19, 1978 in Plummer Theatre, Fullerton, California.

The audience and offstage noises were captured along with the performance by stationary microphones placed at the front edge of the stage, and add, I think, to the listening experience.

The acoustics in Plummer are great, and none of the performers wore microphones.  We didn’t need them. Unlike most singers today who require mics, we were all from the old school of performing arts, trained to project to the very last row of the balcony. In fact, we overpowered the stage mics in a couple of places resulting in a bit of distortion during the recording.

Please continue poking around my site as you listen. Or just close your eyes, lean back, and visualize the misty highlands of Scotland, where a sleepy little village awakens but for a single day once every hundred years.

I hope you enjoy.

FCLO made recordings of all their productions.  I’ll try to add more songs of mine in the future.  I’ll keep you posted, in case you care to listen.

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