Red Dancer – Painting Details

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Painting of Red Dancer by Gary Brunson

Red Dancer
Oil on canvas
30″ x 24″
Limited-Edition Prints Info




Magazine cover referrence for Red Dancer painting.

Magazine cover reference for my Red Dancer










I initially based my Red Dancer on this Life magazine cover, but other than the classic ballet pose and the theatrical lighting, my finished painting is not the same as the Life cover at all.

Most obviously, my dancer’s dress is much shorter than the other’s, revealing a raised leg that is obscured in the photo.

And if you inspect my painting more closely you will notice many details and nuances that are not in the photo. For example, compare my dancer’s left hand to the thumbless, flailing appendage at the end of the other dancer’s left arm.

Compare the overall fragile shape and innocent, unsure demeanor of Life’s young pixie-like dancer in the loose-fitting dress to my confident womanly ballerina whose more mature face and stronger, shapely stature commands respect only longed for by the other.


Limited-Edition Prints

 30” x 24” giclée print on 36″ x 30″ rolled archival fine art canvas

Edition of 75

 Hand-signed and numbered in ink on image and in pencil on back

Certificate of Authenticity

(No other editions will ever be printed.)

 Price: $395.00 


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