Flapper in Fur and Pearls – Painting Details

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Painting of Flapper in Fur and Pearls by Gary Brunson

Flapper in Fur and Pearls
Oil on Canvas
18″ x 14″

Photo of Julie Andrews

Photo of Julie Andrews

Sketch of new face for "Flapper by Gary Brunson

Sketch of new face for Flapper















I used the small photograph of Julie Andrews that doesn’t really look like her as the basis for this painting because I liked the fur, hat, and pearls.

The face and background details are not like the photo at all. You’ll notice the face in the painting is fuller and has a more healthy color than Julie’s rather pale, gaunt looking visage.

Julie is squinting in the photo. I opened the girl’s eyes in the painting a bit and gave her a more wistful expression, rather than going with the boredom that seems to prevail in the photo and even in my sketch.

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