Janice Pennington – Details

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Painting of Janice Pennington by Gary Brunson

Janice Pennington
34″ x 18″








Magazine picture of Janice Pennington

Magazine picture of Janice Pennington










This is and enlargement of a poor-quality Polaroid photo I took of my very first oil portrait.

I found the above close-up of model Janice Pennington in a magazine, but didn’t like that they had photographed her with the scarf hiding most of her magnificent hair.

So, using no other reference material, only a healthy imagination, I freed her hair from its confinement and gave her an upper body to support her proud head.

I also changed her clothing and the color of her eyes, filled in her spiky eyelashes, removed her hoop earring, and brightened the glow of sunlight on her face.

I think of her here as a lioness eyeing distant prey and considering whether it’s worth the effort to give chase.

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