The Last Repeating Date in My Lifetime

Today I post my very first blog entry ever — on a date that will be more significantly remembered, I’m afraid, as the last repeating date of the 21st Century: 12-12-12.  Not until 01-01-01 (2101 that is) will there be another such repeater.

I can only dream that when those next identical triplets roll around, someone might muse over them as being my 149th birthday.  But, like today, that future date, in and of itself, will again take precedence over anything to do with me, because it will be the very first day of the 22nd Century.  (Yes, contrary to popular opinion, I hold that the “0” years are the last years of each decade, century and millennium, not the first.  But don’t get me started on that!)

The important thing about all the above is January 1 (not 2101, but 2013). That’s the date I hope to officially open this blog site and start publishing some of my artwork and graphic novels, among other things.  But a lot of design work needs to be done by then.  So, I better get crackin’.

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