Montana Avenue ART WALK Special Discount

Thanks to everyone who stopped to look at my artwork at the Santa Monica Art Walk along Montana Avenue on Thursday evening.  It was nice talking to many or you.

I hope you’ll take advantage of my SPECIAL ART WALK 20% DISCOUNT:

  • Just leave me a note through my Contact Form by July 31 that my work caught your eye.
  • I’ll increase the usual 5% new-patron discount to 20% on all limited-edition prints, commissioned artwork and gift certificates that you order by October 31, 2013.  


Montana Avenue ART WALK Special Discount — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Gary, It was great meeting you on the Art Walk! I really enjoyed looking at your artwork and being inspired to get into oil painting in the near future. Best Wishes to you – ! – Joel

    • Thanks, Joel. All the acrylics you exhibited at the Art Walk were very unique and entertaining, especially your matchstick men and burning houses. You website is very engaging, as well. I hope everyone who reads this will visit your site by clicking on your name in your comment above or in my Patron Roster. Good luck. – Gary

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